Tuesday Night Raffle – 2020

When: 8/11/2020
Prize: UHF Clear Node by Node-Ventures.com
Winner picked: Following Tue night net

How it will work:

I will pick a Tuesday night Insomniac net soon where your answers will qualify you an entry into the raffle. (8/11/20 net) 3 correct answers (triple winner) will get you 1 entry. I will perform the raffle the following Tue night at the start of the net. A simple random number generator will select the winning number, and each person will be assigned a number before the day of the drawing. If you do not want the prize, you are welcome to pass on it and another person will be selected. If the prize is unclaimed after the time allowed, another number will be selected.


  1. You must be a valid Ham Radio Operator with a callsign.
  2. You must be a roster member on Tuesday night. First-time check-ins the night of the raffle do not qualify. Inactive members who have dropped off/inactive, do not qualify.
  3. You must be a triple winner.
  4. You must provide an answer. “Taking the trend” will not qualify.
  5. You (raffle winner) have to contact me via radio or email or have a valid email on QRZ for me to email you. Contact must be made no later than 72 hours after the winner is announced.
  6. Radio check-ins required email check-ins do not qualify.
  7. Win System members (listed on hamclubonline.com the day of the net) may email in their answers to lighten the RF load that night. Email must be received by the end of the net.
  8. Net controllers and network controllers do not qualify.
  9. U.S. Shipping included, outside the US may require winner contribution for shipping charges.
  10. The Clear Node can not be returned to the manufacturer for a cash value.

Rules are finalized. 8/10/20 23:34 PDT. By participating in this raffle you agree to the terms above.