This page is just an easy reference for some of the referenced products mentioned on the WIN System Tech Net.

Tech Net info – Friday night, 7 PM Pacific time. LINK

The WIN System Technical Net – Every Friday at 19:00 Pacific Time on Allstar Hub 2560 and 2353 and IRLP Reflector 9100.

Here are some of the often talked about items and their links:

Raspberry Pi 3B+ LINK
Raspberry Pi 4B LINK
Sound Fob LINK
Ferrite Cable Clip LINK
Yellow Box Node / Radioless Node LINK
Clear Node LINK
Radio-less node option 2 LINK
TechnoByGeorge products LINK
BRIAN Ham node project LINK
LiFePO4 Batteries LINK
Battery Box LINK

iaxRPT for Windows (v 01.01.46) (exe) (zip)
Comet Antenna (Ham Band) LINK

Nano-AE Power Supply replacement (link)
Nano-AE image for download (available)
win32DiskImager (link)