About K6CBR

A new Ham, taking my test in Nov of 2013. Had scanners for 20 years, never picked up a ham radio until 2010. Was a frequent listener for a few years and finally got my license to participate!

Currently have my Allstar node 43918 running at home with a FT-7900R and Comet GP-3, Yaesu VX-8R with a Diamond SRH77CA for handheld use (also a pair of Yaesu FT-60R). A Yeasu FT-8800R and Comet M-24M mag mount for the truck, when mobile.  Spare FT-8900R and GP-6 waiting to be put into service.

Contact via email (bryan [at] k6cbr.us) or Skype @ bryanst.clair. Include your callsign in the message, so I know you are a HAM station.

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