Allstar SSH Support Instructions

  • You must first speak to Bryan to have him enable this to work for you.
  • Log into your Allstar Node via SSH with Putty.
  • Use option 9 (in HamVoip software) to get to the CLI prompt.
  • At this prompt, enter this command: (type carefully)
    • ssh -f -N -R 12001:localhost:XXX
    • You need to change XXX to your internal SSH port you have configured on your node. The default was 222.
  • You may be asked to accept the connection, a yes/no question. Answer Yes.
  • You will be asked for a password, Bryan will provide this to you. Once entered, you should not see an error, at this point, you are done with the connection.
  • You will have to provide me your Allstar node root password. If your current password can’t be shared, change it temporarily so I can log in. You can always change the password again to your secure password once we are finished. This is done in option 2.

Support Teamviewer Link for Bryan to gain ONE TIME access to your computer. Run this program: