AllStar Node

Hello, everyone.


So I decided to get myself into a new project and it was an AllStar node.  I started this in the beginning of August 2016.  Did as much reading as I could and made an attempt.  I will create a page for my build details and links for a full how-to if you want to make one. For now, some details:


I started with a hardware choice.  I purchased a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B.  Cost was about $35 on Amazon with Wifi and Bluetooth built in on the board.  Picked up a case and a 16GB Class 10 card. Total cost was ~ $65. Prime for 2-day delivery.


Board has 4 USB ports, ethernet, power, audio and the memory card slot.

I downloaded and installed AllStar image from Followed instructions from

I used Terminal on my Mac to connect to the box and log in.  I logged into my router to see what IP address was assigned to the box.  Using that info, Terminal into it was easy. Finished setup and it connected to AllStar. (Make sure you register on AllStar (takes up to 24 hours) then you need to create a server and request a node number (add another 24 hours for this request).  Both registration and node request took a few hours for me.

I changed the SSH port number from the default ‘222’.  If you want to SSH into the box remotely, you need to setup “Port Forwarding” for that port to point to the IP on your node. This is optional.

The node will connect to Allstar without any port changes on the router. At least mine did unless you have a restricted router on your network.

At this point, my node is online.  43918 is my node number (one of them, I requested 3 IDs) and shows online. (Status page)

Update 8/30: Radio order complete, now I get to wait for the box. Started the build notes page here. Good place to see all you will need.

Update 4/5/17: After playing with a premodified 888, I had to move on. I may try to modify my own soon, but for now, I have a FT-7900 and URI for my home setup.  Better hardware and runs great. I’m online and running. (I am not great with a solder gun, need to practice.)

Update 5/1/17:  Found George!  Well, was pointed to George.  He was able to repair my bad 888 and I picked up another radio from him.  Things are running great now on the 888 setup.  43913 is running for my travel node.  See it online, say hi.  I also built 43991 for a work node. As I am in a bit of a cave and can’t receive any signals from my local repeater, I built 43991.  Next task, modify my own 888 to learn how it’s done.

43919 is my main hub.  Normally connected to the WIN system.  43918 is my main home radio node, connect and say hi. It will connect to WIN in the evenings.

43991 is another hub for open use.  I have a few other nodes, not dedicated use just yet.