Nano-AE Repair

If you have a Nano-AE originally sold by Micro Node International and it has a black screen, I can help. (I am not associated with Micro Node International.)

A black screen and a nonresponsive node are often due to a corrupt SD card. Hardware failures may not be repairable. If found to be a hardware issue, the node can be returned and a fee of $20 for the return shipping will be applied.

You can send me your node, AC power supply, and antenna for a new card install. I can set up your node for Allstar or you can yourself, your choice.

Contact me via email, and I will provide an address for shipping. Do not use my QRZ address.

The cost of repair is $100. This includes Priority Mail shipping back to you, (US only. Extra fee may apply for international return shipping.) with insurance and a tracking number. I will provide a new SD card and image it with the last provided firmware from Micro International before their closure. I have made a few updates to this last image, to ensure Allmon as well as Allstar are working correctly. I will also attempt to image your original card, if possible. This will give you a backup SD card to install if you happen to have the failure again in the future.

Often these failures of the SD card are due to a power outage. This can be from a power outage to your house or improper removal of power to the node before it was shutdown. I suggest a UPS power supply (found here) to ensure the node never loses power. This UPS will supply DAYS of power to a node if it is the only device plugged into this UPS.

When shipping me your node, include the following:

  • Nano-AE
  • AC Power Supply
  • Antenna

Optionally include:

  • Allstar Node Number
  • Allstar Node Password
  • Allstar Port (will use default if not provided)

I can configure Echolink, if you were using it before. I need the following information:

  • Echolink Callsign (-L or -R?)
  • Echolink Password
  • Echolink registered Email
  • Echolink Name (often your first name)
  • Echolink QTH
  • Echolink Node Number

Any questions, please contact me.