Nano-AE Repair

If you have a Nano-AE originally sold by Micro Node International and it has a black screen, I can help. (I am not associated with Micro Node International.)

A black screen and a nonresponsive node are often due to a corrupt SD card. Hardware failures may not be repairable. If found to be a hardware issue, the node can be returned and a fee of $20 for the return shipping will be applied.

You can send me your node, AC power supply, and antenna for a new card install. I can set up your node for Allstar or you can yourself, your choice.

Contact me via email, and I will provide an address for shipping. Do not use my QRZ address.

The cost of repair is $100. This includes Priority Mail shipping back to you, (US only. Extra fee may apply for international return shipping.) with insurance and a tracking number. I will provide a new SD card and image it with the last provided firmware from Micro International before their closure. I have made a few updates to this last image, to ensure Allmon as well as Allstar are working correctly. I will also attempt to image your original card, if possible. This will give you a backup SD card to install if you happen to have the failure again in the future.

Often these failures of the SD card are due to a power outage. This can be from a power outage to your house or improper removal of power to the node before it was shutdown. I suggest a UPS power supply (found here) to ensure the node never loses power. This UPS will supply DAYS of power to a node if it is the only device plugged into this UPS.

When shipping me your node, include the following:

  • Nano-AE
  • AC Power Supply
  • Antenna

Optionally include:

  • Allstar Node Number
  • Allstar Node Password
  • Allstar Port (will use default if not provided)

I can configure Echolink, if you were using it before. I need the following information:

  • Echolink Callsign (-L or -R?)
  • Echolink Password
  • Echolink registered Email
  • Echolink Name (often your first name)
  • Echolink QTH
  • Echolink Node Number

Some Nano-AE users have been reported to be producing ‘hash’ across the network when connected. It has been found the screen has been the cause. With the new image update, I have added a screensaver to the monitor, so it will turn off after 10 mins of inactivity. Also, the default intensity has been lowered.

Last, if your AC power supply is rated at 0.5ah or 1ah, this may be the cause of SD card corruption/hash reports. If needed, I can supply a replacement adapter for an additional $20.

Any questions, please contact me.