Settings HowTo

For users who post to the group (ie Net Control Operators and list Moderators) here are optional settings.  Regular members do not need to continue this howto.

To personalize your profile and change your displayed name:

Log into the webpage.  ( (Use your email and click the link below the password box that you don’t yet have a password. A temporary link will be emailed to you.)

Once logged in, in the upper right-hand corner, click on your name and select account.

  1. On the left sidebar click on Login.
  2. Enter a password (must be 6 characters long, if one has not been set).
  3. If you have an email alias you would like to add click on advanced settings for email.
  4. If at some point you want to change your email address this is the place to make that change.
  5. On the left sidebar click on Preferences.
  6. My Posts, check the box, I always want copies of my own messages.
  7. On the left side bar click on Identity.
  8. Under the Account Profile click on the Edit button on the right. This is where you can build your profile, add a profile photo, change display name, create a bio, display location, and give website address.
  9. Change display name to whatever you want everyone to see when you send a message / email.


Created by N6KMA